Terra Nova Mexico Coffee, 1 lb. Bag

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It’s like sunshine in a cup! Pure single-origin Mexican coffee from the Chiapas region. This lightly roasted brew is bright with a medium-body and sweet overtones of fruits and nuts. The coffee beans come from a Social Solidarity Society (SSS), which is a group intended to be a source of social and environmental improvement. So not only is the coffee delicious, it is actively making a difference in the world. Freshly roasted. Packaged to order.

Mexico is bright and clean with medium body and sweet notes of fruit and nut. Single origin from Chiapas, Mexico. 

Notes of: pecan pie | honey | lemongrass

Roast Level: Light 

  • Region: Motozintla de Mendoza municipality of the Chiapas region in Mexico
  • Growing altitude: 1,350 masl
  • Arabica variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuaí
  • Harvest period: December - March
  • Milling process: Washed, sun-dried on patios
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Terra Nova coffee is always 100% USDA organic, responsibly sourced, and small-batch roasted in Keene, New Hampshire.