Why Organic

From day one, Terra Nova has been committed to sourcing only the finest organically grown arabica coffee beans. 

Why is organic important when buying coffee?

Conventional coffee is one of the most highly chemically treated agricultural commodities in the world, and coffee farmers can be exposed to high levels of toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides during regular spraying and harvesting the beans. Runoff from the chemically treated coffee bushes leaches into community waterways and proliferates in the air and soil around coffee farming communities.

*Organically grown coffee protects these hard-working farmers, their families, and communities from toxic exposures. We wouldn't have it any other way.

 Arabica Coffee grows best with partial shade at high altitudes, but conventional coffee is often genetically modified or hybridized to allow the beans to grow on large plantations that have been clear-cut. Clearcutting and deforestation deeply damage and deplete the fragile equatorial ecosystems where coffee grows. 

*Organically grown coffee can be integrated into a healthy and biodiverse natural ecosystem, protecting the health and resilience of the plants, animals, soil, and waterways.


Non-organic coffee beans contain residues from chemical treatments, which bind with the oils in the coffee during extraction and make their way into your cup. The taste, the antioxidant and nutrient density, and the purity of the coffee you drink are all affected by the farming methods used.

*Organically grown coffee is pure, clean, delicious, and healthy for the consumer. 


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