TERRA (noun. \‘ter·ə\ Latin, literally “earth”.)

NOVA (noun. \’nō·və\ Latin, “new”.)

Terra Nova Coffee roasts organic coffee in our barn, tucked among the rocky hills of the Connecticut River Valley in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire. You’ll find us roasting small, fresh batches, made-to-order every day of the week, and sometimes into the starry night — just so we can get it to our customers at it’s absolute peak quality. As a family-owned and operated roaster, we pay close attention to our process; from sourcing to receiving, roasting to packaging, we ship 100% USDA organic coffee with care, expertise, and attention.

These coffees have a story to tell: of a coffee bush on a mountainside; of a farmer, her family, his community; of the sunshine… before long, of family roasters; of a hot water kettle steaming; of an early morning kitchen or a bustling cafe, a moment to pause; a conversation with a friend. As coffee roasters and coffee lovers, we’re inspired by the alchemy of bean-to-cup, and by the way that perfect cup, at the perfect moment, can transform us too. Great coffee can do good, and we love being part of that.

We believe coffee is one of the great pleasures in life and sharing that goodness is at the heart of what we do. We believe in connection to family, friends, and community. And good coffee helps create and fortify those connections!

In Latin, our name means 'new earth'. So here’s to a new day, a fresh batch, a perfect cup. And the next time you are in Keene, New Hampshire, stop by Brewbakers Cafe and we will make a cup just for you. 


Eliza, Jeffrey, and Terra Nova Coffee