Terra Nova Espresso Coffee, 1 lb. Bag

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You don’t need an espresso machine to enjoy this full-bodied coffee! Not to be confused with the espresso preparation method, Espresso refers to how long the beans have been roasted. Though we created this dark roast blend for our espresso bar, we’ve come to love it as a pour-over and drip coffee as well. Get ready to enjoy its rich, smooth, toasted flavor and full mouthfeel. Freshly roasted. Packaged to order.

Espresso is rich and creamy with a smooth, toasted flavor and full mouthfeel. Perfect for espresso or as a bold coffee.

Notes of black pepper | caramel | cream

Roast Level: Dark

Terra Nova coffee is always 100% USDA organic, responsibly sourced, and small-batch roasted in Keene, New Hampshire.